The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Memories of the Sea-4

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The ‘Margareth Truph’. The Captain was Arthur Wallace Simmons from Saba and most of his crew was from Saba and they would put in with probably Peter Every’s fat, fat uncles who he admired so much. This is a photo of a painting which I have.

… I went to school when I was seven and I left when I was twelve.

So when I was thirteen I was thinking about going to sea. You see, I had two uncles used to sail onto those big American schooners; and every couple of months they would pass in here, see; Every couple of months they would pass in here and remain here sometimes for two days.

And I would see these big heavy, portly-looking fellas, you know, and I always used to tell my mother that I’d like to go on a vessel to get big and fat like my uncles and they.

Yeah that always attract my nerves, you know, to see these sailors comin’ up in these big vessels, and big and fat and heavy lookin’ men.’

Capt. Lockland Heyliger's schooner

Captain Lockland Heyliger was captain of this schooner the ‘East Star Jones’ and would transport asphalt from Trinidad to New York. His crew was from Saba and he would put in here going and coming so that he and his crew could visit their families.

Peter Every

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