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Posting parts of the Government Information Service for the year 1971 when there were elections going on and also the pier was being built. Mr. Carl Anslyn was the man in charge. Because of a new political party coming in The WIPM and the financial restraints on the government at the time we let that and a number of other political jobs go. When the economy improved various times attempts were made to publish it again. But here we are dealing with 1971 as that will show the lead up to the building of the harbour


The F ort Bay as it looks now. Plans are far advanced to build a new and improved harbor further to the East which will accommodate yachts and small cruise ships.

which made a big difference in the lives of the people who lived here.Scan1244

Image (331)

In 1934  and 1935 a sort of pier was built along the range of rocks and you can see from this photo that a wall was built to the other rock but the first big waves took it out and the idea was abandoned and the pier was seldom used except on an exceptionally calm day to land passengers.


Image (171)

Lots of heavy equipment like never seen on the island before was a cause for much excitement by the local population who followed the developments very closely.


Fort Bay, Saba 1915.

The Fort Bay as it used to look around 1900.



This photo is from before the fisherman’s pier was built years later.


Image (66)

Minister Leo Chance native of Saba was responsible to move the project which had been drowned in red tape further to completion. The pier was named in his honor. I am there in the middle with the goatee and dark glasses.



The Ladder Bay was also used especially when there was rough weather at the Fort Bay. 


This was an article showing off the new pier with the ‘Antilia” docked up to it as well as showing that the other situation had now come to an end after more than 350 years of landing this way.

Hartog Collection - Saba - dept. Arubiana/Caribiana - Biblioteca Nacional Aruba

I found this in my old photo collection. The plan is outlined how to move the harbour project of 1934 forward. Good thing it failed as that would have been all we would have gotten with the mentality towards Saba as it was before we had local elections which produced leaders who could advance the cause of the people of Saba to make life easier fr all living on Saba today.



Me , Will Johnson, age 16 next to the Sports Field in Brakkeput


Brakkeput boys 1987

On the 50th anniversary of the Boys Town some of the former Brothers visited the islands. The boys from Saba who had spent time in the Boys Town took care of them and after a church mass a reception was held for the brothers and invited guests at Scouts Place.


Image (305)

One of the Brothers cleaning up the sleeping quarters for the younger group of boys. This is where I landed in 1955. Those cots were made of hard canvas and were comfortable.




This is the food truck carrying food to the various buildings. That is me running behind the truck, age 14 then, and Ronny Leverock also from Saba used to drive the truck.


Image (1810)

Some of the boys right to left Boysie Richardson of St. Maarten, Roy Smith of Saba and one of Heskett Wiliams brothers. Will complete the names when I get them.


Image (1805)

In back from right Roland Peterson, Hyacinth Halley and John Alton Johnson, in front one of the Willams’ boys and then me Will Johnson.


A Mass was held in Brakkeput  on November 1st, 1987. Among the speakers were Prime Minister Minguel Pourier and I also spoke on behalf of those from the Windward Islands. We had to leave early as I was Senator then and we were hosting one of the Presidents of Venezuela and had to attend a reception being held for him 

Image (307)

There were three estates Brakkeput Abou, Brakkeput Mei Mei and Brakkeput Ariba where the Boys Town was located. All of the shore line was not developed back then and we had the entire lagoon to ourselves.















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