The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Our Masthead

Our motto is “Cuique Suum” (To each his own). This is intended to give further accent to the fact that Saba people are still capable of defending their own interests. The Masthead is showing off the firepower of our determination to defend at all costs the interests of the native Saban people from unfair attacks from abroad and internal divisions based on one sided information. Any suggestions as to how the site can be improved will be highly appreciated.

We will carry articles on history, sayings of wise men and women of the past, and comments on international news which may affect us and explain why much of the main stream media is biased and mostly used to brainwash simple minded people into believing that greed and war are actually good for mankind.

For now we will share with you the following:

” Live with those from whom you can learn; let friendly intercourse be a school of knowledge, and social contact, school for culture; to make teachers of your friends is to join the need of learning to the joy of converse. Happiness among the understanding is mutual, rewarded for what they say by the approval they receive; and for what they hear, by what they learn; it is personal interest usually that draws men together but here it is glorified. A man of understanding seeks out the houses of those true noblemen which are more the stages of an heroic than the palaces of vanity. There exist men in this world, known to the discerning, who in their bearing are veritable examples of every greatness and whose train, even, constitutes a courtly academy of art and learning.”
Baltasar Gracian

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