The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

The Position of Lt. Governor

I understand that there are all sorts of people already soliciting for the position of Lt. Governor even though the position is not yet up for grabs.

The position of Lt. Governor should be exclusively held by Sabans, of Saban descent. No ifs and buts about it. Since the early years in the 1600’s and 1700’s nearly all of Saba’s commanders were Sabans, from John Hassell, to Charles Simmons, Edward Beaks and his son, Richard Johnson (my great-great-grandfather), Moses Leverock, Henry Every, Wycliffe Smith, Sydney Sorton and many more have occupied that position. It is the essence of our autonomy and pride as a self governing people.

This has nothing to do with any person occupying the position, it has to do with a philosophy as to who should qualify for that position. It should be clear that if you have no Saban heritage there is no need to even apply. I think that the Dutch Government as the COLONIAL authority should make it clear that it is their policy to reserve that position for qualified Sabans and Sabans only.

I see there are those who try to defame our local authorities. Do not be fooled by that. It is a strategy to defame our locals holding office and to have these positions go to colonial new settlers from outside the island. As a once self governing and proud people we should not fall for those tactics. It is not in our interest that they are here trying to defame our locals holding office. These know-it-alls were failures back where they came from and in some cases imposed on us, and in some cases some of our locals with no qualifications other than envy and to criticize from sun up to sundown and never a word of praise, think that they might be better off destroying our very own local authorities. We should never allow that.

I saw a post where Dave Levenstone brought up this subject on Facebook. He rightfully said more or less what is being written here. Every right thinking Saban should defend their own against anyone coming in from the outside and thinking they can be Saba’s Governor just like that. I say NO and again NO to that. The position of Lt. Governor should and must be reserved for Sabans with a heritage and history from this island. CIAO.

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