The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson


by Marjorie Hassell nee Johnson
March, 2013

When Hassells came to Saba
In 1672
They settled in a crater
What a funny thing to do!

They fished and farmed,
And fired some guns
At the pirates lurking by
For it wasn’t all that peaceful
‘Neath the Carribean sky.

The Johnsons came to Saba
From the Shetlands far away,
They met the Hassells fishing
And asked if they could stay?
So the Hassells married Johnsons
And so it is today.
But now they have an Airstrip
To take them on their way.

They still fear deep sea rumbles
From “The Bottom” to the Top
But hope still springs Eternal
To ward them from the shock
Many years beyond Columbus
Still it was an early start
To find a new Horizon
And play a bigger part
In the world of the Americas
And later our South Land
Isn’t it exciting, to find
In this, we’ve had a hand?

Marjorie Hassell nee Johnson
March, 2013

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