The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Governor Moses Leverock

Governor Moses Leverock

Governor Moses Leverock was married twice. His first wife was Ann Rebecca Beaks (daughter of his predecessor Governor Edward Beaks), by whom he had three children.They were: Marion. b. 14 December 1852, William Donald born 21st November 1854 and Ann Gossling born 2 May 1857. Only one child, his daughter Marion, got married and her husband was Algernon Hassell, of The Bottom, the town later renamed after her father. When he first wife died (January 2nd, 1858) he later took as his second wife Mary Ann Winfield by whom he had three daughters. Two of these daughters married to the Vanterpool brothers: Capt. Thomas Charles and Capt. Ernest Hugh Toland Vanterpool. Lena Lampe-Vanterpool (born Saba 1893 died Curacao 1940), daughter of Thomas Charles was married to W.F.M. Lampe of Aruba, who was later the Minister Plenipotentiary to Holland from the Netherlands Antilles. Governor Moses Leverock only had one brother Will Leverock who was the father of the Anglican Priest John W. Leverock.

His female siblings were Anne (married to Peter Gossling Simmons), Joanna (married to James Hassell), Mariana (married to James Hassell) and Eliza (married to John Michael Dinzey Simmons).

Lt. Governor Moses Leverock was the only person not from Haiti to appear in a history book for schools on Haiti as well as Geography of the rest of the Caribbean. A big honour for him and Saba at the time.

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