The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson



Light gives hope for a new dawn. The WIPM continues to bring light and development for the people of Saba. Stability in government is what you as a voter needs and WIPM has proven that in the last years. VOTE WIPM.

Always taking our responsibility as a political party seriously the party known as the WINDWARD ISLANDS PEOPLES MOVEMENT, a Christian Social Democratic Party, adjusts to the changing times. In an election period one of the first tasks is to reach out to people who are competent and willing to take the plunge into politics. I can tell you it is not an easy decision for one to take. I have been politically active all my life and I know.

In the elections for March 18th, 2015 the WIPM party is once again pleased and proud to present you with a list of candidates of which any person of conscience can be proud. Not only of what the party has done historically for Saba, but what it has done in recent years. One has to be fair in all their dealings with other people. Do not Judge others when you were not there yourself. Do not take risks with your right to vote. Carefully analyse the candidates who will be running for office. Look at the list as a whole. Even if the candidate should be your mother you must ask yourself: “But can she run a government in this day and age?”

From 1998 when I became Act. Governor and then in 1999 taking over the responsibility as Commissioner as well, I went through hell to try and keep Saba from going adrift. People who don’t know better are telling you’ that they intend to fight the Dutch. Over what may I ask? I fought them more than anyone at the time. In the end it is their taxpayers money mostly which we are talking about. The solidarity fund was set up to replace the responsibility of the Netherlands Antilles when Aruba went on its own in 1986. Politics evolved over the years and the Havermans committee was set up to check on the finances of each island. I was so frustrated at the time having to deal with only around 3 million dollars a year with which to run the entire island. Havermans was a former Mayor of the city of The Hague. I took him to task in such an insulting way that after he left the meeting I could detect a look of despise for me in his eyes. I realized too late that I had gone too far. End result was that the small increase that Saba did get in the end was far below what we should have received and we had to go through endless suffering because of insufficient funds to run the island with.


Two stable well educated Commissioners Bruce Zagers and Chris Johnson. Your guarantee for continued stability and progress on Saba is to vote for them and the WIPM party.

We all know how the islands fell apart. There was only one way out. Seek full independence for Saba. Ask yourself, would you have voted for such an option? So why be so unreasonable in criticism of our young educated people who have kept the island going and with an enormous increase in funding for the island, for healthcare, education, the island budget you name it.

Some people are so harsh in their unfounded criticism that I have to look at the logic of their thinking and the reasoning behind their complaints. Is it envy? Is it jealousy? Is it a love for Money, Money, and Money? With all of its flaws, being part of this Kingdom is far better and much more of an assurance for your investments on Saba, than being independent or part of many others countries I could name. If you watch the news you will see that we are living in an increasingly turbulent world, and it will get worse in the years ahead.


The board of the WIPM party for elections in the past. Most of the faces seen here will be running on the slate of candidates for the WIPM party. We ask our WIPM followers to come out and show your support for the WIPM party in the coming weeks.

If you look at the WIPM, the Orange party and give us a fair assessment, you will see that all of the members, who ran in 2007, ran again in 2011 and are running again in 2015. A sign of maturity you will have to admit. While the other islands have had several changes in government Saba has been a beacon of stability. Problems within the WIPM party have been settled internally despite all kinds of efforts to break up a team of hard working people.

Saba has benefitted from this stability. Millions have been spent in infrastructural projects, the Island budget has a reserve fund and a balanced budget and with consternation the other islands look at the progress taking place on Saba while on their own islands there are talks of plans and projects approved, whereas on Saba our projects are being executed. Only a fool or a person who hates himself and others will try to tell you that nothing is being done. Try a change and then you will find out the difference to your own and your family’s regret.

The adjustment from the old system to what we have now has been made more difficult by unreasonable people whose only objective is Money, money, money. They are the ones trying to mislead gullible and innocent people over a cliff into the land of despair.

Once again the WIPM has gone to great efforts to present you with a team which can run the government of Saba and continue the path of progress as demonstrated over the years. The WIPM party has evolved over the years and once again we can proudly present you with a list of candidates from which you can choose. So if you want stability in government you will have to admit to your family and yourself that the WIPM has the best team to run a government.

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WIPM party leader once again. While he has been out there working and delivering others have been sitting back criticizing. Ask those who will be on the other party: ‘What have you done for your country lately?” VOTE ROLANDO WILSON VOTE WIPM The party with a proven track record.

Those of you ,who have left your country and settled here, or who have invested in Saba whether it be in house or in a business we ask you to give our party a fair chance and vote for the WIPM once again.

The finances of Saba’s government are monitored by the Dutch. The reason why Saba gets projects and added money to their budget is because of wise management of Dutch Funds allotted to Saba. Any change in local island policy to mess around with these funds will cause the Dutch finance ministry to clamp down hard on the Island and as a result many people could end up losing their jobs if the Government is forced to restructure.

All we are asking you is to take a careful look at the two parties contending for the Island Council elections. Check on the ability of each party to run a government, check on the individuals and their track records and only then make your final decision.

The WIPM party has started its campaign and you will be receiving more information on the party program and on the individual candidates running on the list of the ORANGE party.

Take these elections seriously as it can have more effect on you and your investments on Saba than you think. We of the WIPM party have provided STABILITY IN GOVERNMENT and will continue to do so. Changes in the relations with Holland are being worked out by a Committee of experts and changes will come so keep on track with the WIPM and you will continue to live in peace and security in the years ahead.


Will Johnson

President of the WIPM Party.

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The WIPM torch continues to burn proudly. Reflect on where you were. Reflect on where Saba was and is now today. Look at all the positive which has been achieved. And look carefully at all those presenting themselves to be elected and vote in your own best interests. VOTE WIPM.

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