The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson


I read on Facebook where the businesman the Hon. Don Hughes said of the situation on St.Maarten that it seemed like many young people do not have a conscience anymore. I would add to that:'” Just like their parents.” I often wonder what sort of an agenda some people have. While ambition is a great thing, greed, hatred, and envy are not. When I read statements made on Facebook by certain people I often say to myself:” I wonder if that person has any kind of conscience.” Is it all about me? People who are wealthy, acting as if they are among the poor. Screaming holy murder about taxes they are not even paying, yet willing to jump on the healthcare bandwagon. Passing their jealousy and hatred on to their children by spewing out their hatred for others at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table and as bedtime stories to their children. Fantasized grievances, figments of their imagination, against others especially those in Government are passed on to their children this way. What foolish people I often think to myself when I read statements, or unsigned letters to the Editor and all I can attribute this attitude to is a lack of conscience. I once had the good fortune to win the Lottery. Paid for my ticket for years mind you. You should have heard the hatred spewed out in my direction by in some cases people who I had been a great benefactor to directly and indirectly. One person with a conscience was the exception. I had done legal work for the person who said that once the case was closed I would be paid. A few days after I had arrived back on the island the person stopped me and said:”Now that you are rich I guess you don’t need the money I owe you.” We had a joint bank account. He handed me the bankbook and told me what amount to take for myself. I used that money to continue my anonymous charity in the community.

Conscience also includes service to your fellow human beings. I know how people formerly used to come forward without being asked to find out if you needed help. You better have money nowadays if you need help. My greatest concern is that people who should know better and have considerable means live like envious, jealous morons constantly agitating against those who make much personal sacrifices in the community, and passing on all this to their children.

As Don said, the lack of a conscience leads to theft, murder and withdrawal from the community and evading your responsibilites by not paying taxes, but demanding police protection while you or one or more of yours are sometimes the biggest headache for the community. I have been around long enough to realize that what goes  around comes around and this lack of conscience will come home to roost eventually in your children and grandchildren.  Better do some soul searching and ask yourself if you perhaps because of a lack of conscience are contributing to lawlessness in your community and in your family. If not you will pay the price one day. Enough said for now. CIAO.

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