The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Peter off to New Zealand

Many of our young people are doing well. My son Peter Charles Albert Johnson who already has a degree in engineering (electrical) is now busy with his Masters in mechanical engineering. Peter has been officially selected as a scholarship recipient to do research from June through August, 2013 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His research while there will pertain to:
1. Inverse computer modeling of Geothermal Power Plants and production reservoirs for use in electrical generation.
I had plans for him, like continuing painting the house from last summer, clearing some land for me to farm and so on, but whereas I would have had to pay him, this great opportunity is for free. There are a number of others from Saba who are doing well in their studies abroad. I would appreciate if they can mention what they are studying so that our people can be proud of them as I am. I went to the University of Hard Knocks and even if I should say so myself on my own I have acquired a half bit of intelligence, which because of my constant reading, I burden you the readers with. I enjoy seeing how our young people can do well when they put their mind to it.

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