The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson



In preparation for the historic elections of 1949 these voters list were prepared. Universal suffrage would take place and for the first time women could vote in that election. In 1999 the Government of Saba commemorated that event with a special sitting of the Island Council. Although I was opposition in Government, I had been asked to take over the position of Act. Lt. Governor and as such I was Chairman of the Island Council. We also used that opportunity to honor former members of the Island Council with a photo gallery and a number of the old members were present in that meeting. A booklet was also prepared with a small history of each of the members who had served on the Island and Executive Councils of Saba from 1951 on. Also as a result of the 1999 meeting and the speech made at the time, this ended up on a tapestry in the Hall of Knights building which is the Center Piece of the Dutch parliament in The Hague. Nowadays election lists are not made and the political parties have no idea even of who is allowed to vote.

Three Commissioners of Saba, Will Johnson, Max Nicholson and John Woods
The well known Miss Cornelia Jones of the village of St. John’s was the first woman in the Dutch Windward Islands to be elected to the Island Council.
Some of the well known politicians of the first years starting in 1951 of the Island Council of the Windward Islands. These gentlemen also served at one time or the other as Commissioners. The strong man at the time, seated on the right, was Albert Claudius Wathey known as Claude. Seated from left to right, Max Nicholson, Arthur Anslyn, Charles Vlaun, Mathew Levenston, Clem Labega, Milton Peters and Claude Wathey. With his back to the camera was Mr. Henry Every, Administrator of Saba and Chairman of this meeting as it was being held in the old Commissioners Office in The Bottom, Saba.

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