The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Notes on the schooner “Wyoming”

The six masted schooner the “Wyoming” and the “Elenor Percy” belonged to an outfit in Boston. Among those from the island of Saba who sailed on the “Wyoming” was Edward Johnson of Windward Side who was married to Lucille Hassell and they lived in Richmond Hill in Queens.

Captain Irvin Holm also sailed on this large schooner for a while.

Merril Hassell’s father “Sims.” sailed for many years on the “Wyoming” as well as the “Eleanor A. Percy” (3401 gross tons) out of Bath, Maine.

The Wyoming was the largest of the six masters and certainly the largest wooden ship toever carry cargo. She was builtat Bath in 1909 to carry 5000 tons of coal, manned only by a crew of twelve. This giant 3730 ton schooner was lost in March 1924 after leaving Chespeake Bay with a cargo of coal. She was 329 foor long with a beam of 50 feet. Ralph Hassell of Windward Side also sailed on the Wyoming for some years as a “donkeyman”.

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