The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Joseph Husurell Lake Sr.

The Saba Islander

The late great Joseph Husurell Lake Sr. (1925-1976

Editor Joseph Husurrel Lake Sr. Here he is looking at me as if to say “Will you better do a good job about me in your article.”

He started the Windward Islands Opinion on July 1st, 1959, just a few months before I started working at the Post office in the old Court House in Philipsburg.
It was a weekly newspaper and had a number of subscribers abroad, especially on Aruba where many Windward Islanders lived. And so I came into early contact with him as he was constantly coming to mail out letters and newspapers and I was in charge of the only window on the whole island where one could buy stamps.
After he saw my interest in politics he encouraged me to write for his paper. I had a column ‘News and Views’. Of course the political establishment did not appreciate either my news…

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