The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Captain Matthew Levenston

Just added a nice photo of Mathew and I together.

The Saba Islander

Image (147) Prime Minister Efraim Jonckheer and Commissioner Mathew Levenston in discussion.

Captain John Esmond Mathew Levenston

By: Will Johnson

During hurricane season I often think of him. He once said to me: “Will why you are building your house up on the top of that hill? Did you ever see any of the old timers building up so high?” And then he went on to tell me stories of the hurricanes of old passed down by our ancestors. After hurricane Lenny the officials from the U.S. Weather Bureau in Miami visited Saba and confirmed the same thing to me. Where my house is located, around two thousand feet, a category one hurricane is paying me a category three visit according to the officials.

Captain John Esmond Mathew Levenston was born “Below-the-Gap” on Saba on October 3rd, 1912. He was the son of Joshua Levenston and Mrs. Emilia Levenston born…

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