The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Hosting Jackie Kennedy

The Saba Islander

My diary of March 22nd 1978 has only one entry, but one entry of that kind is enough. It reads as follows:

Jackie Kennedy    “Mrs. Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, accompanied by her son John Kennedy, her daughter Caroline Kennedy and nephew Mr. A. Radziwill visited Saba. The Kennedy children stayed overnight at Captains Quarters Hotel. Mrs. Kennedy went back in the afternoon. I drove her around. She came to my home in The Level and had iced-tea and a chat with Lynne.

Mrs. Kennedy is a nice lady and we had a very nice day with her, and the people of Saba were very happy to see her.”

As there was a lot more to the story than just that let me share the experiences of that day with my readers.

I received a call late in the evening of March 21st, 1978 from Mr. Robert Volgers of Windward Islands…

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