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by Will Johnson

ELECTIONS 2015, Wednesday March 18th.


The horses are on the track and in their final lap. Place your vote on the WIPM party and they will continue to fight for increased economic and social activity and for a good outcome of the evaluation process which will start up in a couple of weeks time.


This morning an old friend called. He might have been voting for Ishmael Levenstone’s party. We know we. And so we discussed the candidates of both parties and made comparisons. The big question was:” If you were going away and had to leave your business in the hands of anyone, or your house, which of the 18 candidates running on the two parties would you trust with running your store or your house? His preference went out for 90% (ninety percent) to the candidates of the WIPM party.

His greatest concern was who had set up Ishmaels Levenstones list and why had the other candidates not objected to their position on the list. My friend is no fool. At the end of the conversation he understood the issue with the setting up of the list and the consequences of his vote.

At the end of the conversation he thanked me and told me that for the past days he had already been rethinking his position even though he had made a promise already, but a promise which can bring disaster on him and the island by voting for the right person on the wrong party and that vote go to elect someone else was a promise that can be broken.

The WIPM party has provided a stable government for the past four years. Good governance has been the reason there are so many ongoing projects on the island and why so many people from so many other countries have come to Saba to invest and to live here. Make no mistake about it. Just as my local friend is concerned those who have voting rights on Saba are VERY concerned as to the future of Saba and their investments. The WIPM party has again presented a solid program for the future. They have had three very successful and informative public rallies. The nine candidates on the list, without exception, have some form of higher education and good life experiences. They are hard working people and Island Council Member Rolando Wilson , WIPM party leader,over the years has worked hard and is an investor in the economy of Saba as are most of the other candidates. All our candidates know what hard work is all about. Each one is involved in some business or the other and are active in the community either in the Lions Club or in some other form of social and religious activity.

In an interview in 1995, Mr. Jocelyn Arndell said the following:” Campaigns changed in 1971,” asserts Arndell. “Before 1971, political campaigns concentrated more on personalities and mud-slinging. WIPM was the first political party to bring change in campaigns. WIPM started with issues and a program.” Mr. Jocelyn Arndell was the party leader of the WIPM  in the 1971 and 1973 elections on St. Maarten.

In 2015 WIPM has been very active in bringing the message of its program to the people of Saba. They have assumed the responsibility of informing the people so that when they go to the polls in two days time they can make an informed decision on what to do with their vote.

It is easy to blame government for things which do not even concern government. Decisions made in the general interest to protect businesses offend some and those who government try to protect are the first to vote against that very same government who has been trying to protect you and your business and your employees. What is the message you will be sending? There is still time for reflection.

Remember if you do not trust the person with running your business or with taking care of your home how can you trust that person with your vote??

There is still time for reflection. When the votes are counted will you want yours to be among those who voted for persons who you would not trust with your own money??

Since the public rallies of the WIPM started we see faces and hear voices of people who we never knew were going to vote for the WIPM party. We appreciate the message they have been giving. Saba people have proven time and again that they are aware of the people who are running for office. You cannot change the history of those who are running for office. People are aware of the great mistake which was made in setting up Ishmaels list and the fact that none of the candidates decided to back out of the fight or to demand a better position. It is way too late now to change either the history of those running for office or the position they occupy on the list.

So pray about your decision and do the right thing on Wednesday. In this election doing the right thing means to vote for the candidate of your choice on the WIPM list, the first list on the ballot. Addressing the concerns of my children I have stayed far from a tit for tat engagement with certain people in our community. At this time though I would be neglecting my responsibility as Party President of the WIPM party to give some words of caution and advice on the eve of Wednesday’s election. The issues which Sabans are concerned with are being addressed  by the evaluation committee and the WIPM elected officials will be dealing with that report vigorously in order to hold the Dutch government accountable for neglect in their departments which they are responsible for. Have no fear WIPM is here, we have defended our actions while at the same time pointing to the benefits of stable government, hard working people as your representatives on the Island Council and educated people who you can be proud of that. Do not throw away that traditional pride in work and good conduct by your ancestors on Saba. Vote for the qualified and hard working people on the WIPM list when you go out to vote on Wednesday.

Thanking you in advance for your support on Wednesday.

Party President

Will Johnson

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Reflect on each candidate. On their history of hard work. On their integrity. On their educational background. On their ambition to make a better life for their families and their community. Select the candidate of your choice and VOTE WIPM.

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