The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

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Dear readers,

For the past few centuries, writers in other countries have been writing about our little island and provided their readers with many fanciful stories about ships being built in the crater of the volcano and lowered over the cliffs into the sea.

Many of these writers have never even visited Saba, but their stories went on to acquire lives of their own and were quoted even into modern times as having taken place. Over the years, through oral history and backed up by research, we were able to prove them wrong and give an accurate history of our small island and the men and women who lived here and went on to do well in many countries after they left Saba.

Over the many years of doing research and publishing books and articles about the lives of the people of Saba, you always feel that there is still much more to be found and written about.

This book of Raymond S. Simmons, a descendant of Saban shipbuilders and captains, and founder of the Facebook page “Of Saban Descent“, certainly fills in a void which has existed. The glory period of Saba’s history is, for a large part, written in the lives and the loss of lives of the many island men who went down to the sea and ventured out on the oceans seas in boats built on our small island.

I had the privilege of writing the Foreword of this book.  I salute Raymond for wanting to bring out this detailed history of our captains and other seamen from Saba who did us proud in former times.

Will Johnson


Click on the book cover and it will open the page at for your purchase, review and comments.

I’m sure you will enjoy the reading!

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