The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

SAYBAAAAA by. Diane de Mambey


Oh the good Lord got to thinking

One sunny, blustery day

That he would build a rock pile

Just like a child at play.

He laughed and splashed the water

Then rolled his sleeves up high

And reached into the ocean for rocks a mile high.

And when he’d made a mountain

of rock and sand and stone

He scattered round some grass seed

to make it look like home.

And next he brought the flowers

Then to add a happy note.

He made a rocky animal

and called it a mountain goat.

Then he sat and watched His island

As it grew in beauty’s grace

but he thought there’s something missing

it’s too quiet in this place.

So he thought the whole night through

till the thinking filled his head

Then he grinned and shouted orders

to the goat’s and here’s what he said;

“Say baa, Say baa

Say baa, Say baa”

And the good Lord told the goats,

“Say baaaaaa….” “Say baaaaaa”.

Now if you’d like to go there

to this rock pile in the sea

The goat’s will tell you what it’s called

If you listen carefully

Say baaaaaa.”

Saba Herald, May 24th, 1973


This poem brought a response from an Anonymous Saban.

Hooome Sweet Hooome

It seems that everybody now

Are writing poems of Saba

I too, will try and rhyme a bit

It doesn’t call for labour

God sure did build a rock pile

And he made our little island

But Sabans speak of it with pride

And defend their rocky highland

We are often called the Saba goats

But they didn’t give Saba its name

And just like other nations

Saba has carried fame.

She’s reared some hardy farmers

Captains, teachers, professors

Of people in every walk of life

She’s been the proud possessor.

We call her “The Rock” its our name of Love

We do so with honest pride

And however dark our future lies

We’ll drift along with the tide.

Don’t cry down Saba, our rocky home

Our mountains, seas and foam

For even though the goats say baaaa

Doves answer “Hoooome sweet Hoooome”.

Saba Herald, June 24th, 1973

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