The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Saba’s Population List of 1823.

These are only the white males of households on the island which was still in a state of slavery at the time. Dutch historians have constantly tried to make the native islanders as descended of Dutch settlers. Even the new arrogant colonialists tell people that Sabans never contributed anything to their own history and that I am telling history in my own way without proper research and so on. Well check this population list of 1823 and tell me who is a Dutchman on the list.These residents of 1823 can trace their ancestry back to 1665 when the pirates from Jamaica captured the island. Others go back to settlers from St. Kitts from 1629.

For the record here now is the 1823 census:


Burgher list for the year 1823, Saba Island. This was retrieved by Ryan Espersen, from the archives in The HAGUE, RECENTLY.

Officers: The Hon. Edward Beaks, Esq. Commander

Henry Hassell, council member

George J. Hassell, council member

Richard Johnson, council member* (My great-great grandfather who became Commander in 1828).

Hercules Hassell, Esq. council member

Charles Simmons, Secretary

John Davis, Marshall.

Heads of households in the various districts:

Hell’s Gate Quarter

John Johnson

Oliver J. Johnson

Abram J. Hassell

Oliver J. Hassell

George R. Johnson

Daniel Every Sr.

Jacob Every

Daniel Every Jr.*

James Every

George J. Hassell

Peter John Johnson

James Hassell

John J. Hassell

Peter Hassell

Henry Hassell

James Hassell

Richard Hassell

Peter Hassell

Peter George Hassell*

Daniel Keeve Sr.

Daniel Keeve Jr.

John William Keeve

Anthony Every Jr.

Jacob Vlaughne* ( The name come from Jacques Valaen who resided on St. Eustatius in 1689);

George Hassell

William Keeve (Tz)

William Keeve (Wz)

Peter Hassell

Peter J. Peterson

Peter John Hassell

Henry Hassell

George Hassell

George J. Hassell

Peter Hassell


James Horton Sr. * (My great-great-great, great, grandfather).

James Horton Jr.* (My great-great-great grandfather).

John Beal

Peter Simmons

Peter Hassell

John Zeagors

Thomas Zeagors

Peter Collins

James Hassell


George Leverock

William Leverock

Peter Hassell

Moses Leverock Sr.

Moses Leverock Jr.

William Leverock

William Keeve S.

William Keeve Jr.

Abram Every

John Leverock

Abram J. Hassell

Daniel Peterson

Abram J. Peterson

Peter Mardenborough Sr.

Peter Mardenborough Jr.

Richard Hassell

John Leverock (invalid)

Henry Hassell Jr.

Peter Anthony Hassell

John G. Hassell

Jacob Every Hassell

John Hassell

John William Hassell

James Hassell

Josiah Every

Thomas Every

Henry Hassell

John Mardenborough

William Leverock

Henry Hassell

James B. Hassell

Josiah Peterson

Peter James Every

Thomas Hassell

Thomas J. Every, Charles Simmons, Isaac Simmons, Joseph Hassell, Peter AnthonyEvery, Abram Every, Daniel Hassell Sr., Daniel Hassell, Jr.,William Leverock, John Peterson (overage) John Hassell (overage), Henry Hassell, John Every, John Hassell, Peter Johnson, Richard Johnson,* Thomas Johnson*, Cohone Johnson.
Booby Hill-Quarter:
Abram J. Every, Peter J. Johnson, John R. Hassell, Richard Thomas Hassell, Henry Hassell Sr. Henry Hassell Jr., Richard Hassell, Peter Hassell, James Hassell, Richard Johnson, William leverock, John Johnson, James Hassell.
St, John’s Quarter;
Jacob Every, John Beaks, Hercules Hassell Jr., Richard J. Every, John G. Beaks, Thomas Beaks, Elisha Beaks, George J.Hassell, sr., Peter J. Hassell, WILLIAM S. Hassell, George J. Hassell, Jr., John Hassell, John Hassell, Thomas Hassell, Thomas Darsey, Isaac Richard Kelly, John Hassell, sr.John Hassell jr., Abram Simmons, Abram Barnes, Edward Barnes, William Simmons, Charles Simmons, John Every, Edmond Kelly, Thomas J. Kelly, Richard Winfield, John Kelly sr., John Kelly jr., Edmond Kelly, Peter Every, Abram Every, Daniel Simmons, James Simmons, John William Barnes, Charles Winfield.
Bottom Quarter;
Moses Leverock, Peter Darsey, John M. Darsey, Abram Simmons, Joseph D. Horton sr., Joseph D. Horton jr. Benjamin R.W. Horton, Thomas Horton, Richard D. Winfield, William Simmons, John Simmons, Abram Simmons, Charles Simmons, Thomas Beal, John J. Simmons sr., John J. Simmons, jr. Abram Davis, Isaac Simmons, George S. Johnson, Peter Simmons, invalid, William Simmons, Charles Simmons, George Simmons, John Simmons, Abram Simmons, James Simmons, Abram J. Every, Abram Simmons, Peter Simmons, Isaac Milner, Daniel Simmons, Peter Simmons, Edward Simmons, Thomas Dinzey, Thomas d. Winfield, Thomas Simmons, and John Simmons.
So far the census of 1823 listing all the white male heads on households listed as to the villages or Quarters where they were living.

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