The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Island Council Meeting Friday June 28, 2013 at 9am.

View from "Hell's Gate Lodge"

View from future hotel the “Hell’s Gate Lodge”.


The agenda for the meeting on Friday is as follows:

1. Opening and announcements

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Incoming correspondence

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Public Island Council Meeting on October 24th, 2012.

5. Island Council Proposal 2013″ 1st Budget Amendment 2013

6. Ditto: New Investments for the year 2013

7. Ditto: Code of Corporate Governance

8. Ditto: Code of conduct of Executive Council/Island Council members and Island Governor.

9. Ditto: Year report 2012.

10. Ditto: Acquisition of land for parking in Windwardside

11. Ditto: Division of the shares N.V. GEBE

12. Ditto: Dog Ordinance

13. Closing.

I would suggest that more people go to these meetings and hear for themselves what is going on. A certain group of our people depend on their news from a Dutch newspaper calling itself the “Saba Newspaper”. The ones reporting the news from the Island Council meetings give it their own interpretation and some of our leading business people are GULLIBLE enough to swallow this misinformation which is deliberately misleading them and our own local people. I suggest that if you want to judge the Island Council and the Executive Council to take the time and pass and listen to the Island Council meetings. All of these points are important to your future. The government does not need another parking lot in Windwardside. It is you the hotel owners and other business people who will be served by having this parking lot. Go and listen to which council members are supporting the idea or opposing it. That way you will know how to Judge them when election time comes around. Are they representing the whole island or only the village they live in?

For the better part of my life I served Saba. I did not allow petty village politics or the desire to serve my family members only determine my agenda. I always felt that if a dollar came to Saba if not me then my children and grandchildren would benefit from that dollar. Even now I am planning to get investors to join me in building a large hotel (50 rooms) at land I own called “Behind” to be called “Hell’s Gate Lodge” with wonderful views of the surrounding islands, the airport and so on, and with enough parking to accommodate everyone. I would like to hear from the “Saba” business association if they will protest this plan of mine as it will be competition to them. Enough said for now, but please go and attend the Island Council Meeting.

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