The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

559741_4805183257975_802174519_nImage (1746)Image (1747)559741_4805183257975_802174519_nImage (1746)Image (1747)481px-Saba_wapen_svgThis article in Dutch appeared in today’s edition of the VNG Magazine. That is the Magazine published by the Association of Dutch Municipalities. They had asked my friend Wim Hart to do an article for them in connection with the investiture of our new King Willem Alexander and his Queen Maxima on April 30th, 2013. He suggested to them that they ask me to do the article instead which they did. The Magazine has placed a number of photo’s to accompany the article, but since it will only arrive here in a week or two I decided to go ahead and place the article with Saba’s unique flag and coat-of-arms. The gist of the article is the unique and personal relationship I have had with the various members of the House of Orange. I did not mention in this article how I got in trouble on St. Maarten with Lt. Governor J.J. “Japa” Beaujon when in his opinion I danced once too often with Princess Irene to the steelband under a full moon under the sea grapes trees at the Pasangrahan Hotel.

Recordar es Vivir!

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