The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

The Daily Herald comments on The Saba Islander

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Former politician Will Johnson has launched his own weblog named “The Saba Islander.” After retiring from politics after the 2007 election, the elderly statesman (71) became the advisor of his Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM) party and of his son Christopher, who took over the baton.

Stressing that he is no computer expert and “just experimenting,” Johnson said the idea to launch his own website sprouted from him “spending a lot of time” on social network Facebook. He said he decided to open website: “So I decided I might as well have my own instrument… out of despair to voice my opinion on issues of importance to the indigenous people of Saba,” Johnson said, who wants to make his site into a counterbalance to other media.

“As a Saban and former editor of the Saba Herald for 25 years, I and others are prepared to defend our local people against any and all unfair criticism against our indigenous people. I am already getting encouraging signals from many of our positive-minded people who want to hear both sides of the story and not just unfair and underhanded attacks on the Saba government and its qualified people,” Johnson said.

The problems with water supply and plans for a new home for the aged are some of the subjects addressed on the site, which further consists of several of Johnson’s trademark accounts on Saba’s history. The amateur historian said him launching his own website would not bring an end to his series of historic accounts in The Daily Herald’s supplement WeekEnder every Saturday. “My fans in the Eastern Caribbean would hang me if I stopped that column. You cannot imagine the response I get from all the islands around and that keeps me going,” Johnson said.

Source: “The Daily Herald” 2013-04-05

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