The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Report from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

First the report then I will explain more.

Reason for the Report.

Mr. W.S.”Will” Johnson, residing at The Level Saba, at the end of July 2012 voiced his concern to the Lt. Governor of the public entity Saba about the possible connection between the radiation of a mobile sender at The  Level and several cases of persons having cancer in that same area. According to Mr. Johnson in the past when he was Act. Lt.Governor and Commissioner of the then Island Territory of Saba he had asked questions about this concern of his to the Bureau of Telecommunications and Post and had proposed to move the equipment to Mt. Scenery. He alleged that the Bureau had instead chose for the cheaper option.

Date of Inspection.

The inspection works took place in the period of November 25th up to and including November 28th, 2012.

The report consists of 34 pages  with photographs showing all the areas of the island where measurements were taken as well as the equipment used. It is too technical for me so I have to go on good faith.

The conclusions to the report are not too explicit for a normal person to understand but what I can gather from it that after extensive tests all over the island (and the photo’s are there to prove it) there are no undue health risks from the radiation caused by the cellular phone equipment at The Level as well as at other locations on Saba. I want to thank them for making this investigation though I did have a threatening letter from them at the beginning. In my letter to the Lt. Governor I had asked to have a neutral party do the investigation as some people might be bought out by the offending companies for a chickenleg and a Johnny Cake, and they took issue with that.

Anyway the report looks very professional and I ask anyone who knows how to interpert all this technical stuff to go over it for me and let me know what they think about it. I also want to thank the Ministry of Economic Affairs for financing this investigation and making sure that I got a copy of the report. I also want to thank the Lt.Governor for getting my letter adressed to him past the “chicken leg and Johnny cake” stage so that the real work could be done. I could have done like a lot of other daily protesters on everything and put my concerns on Facebook, but I sent a letter expecting a response and I got one. I would like to thank everyone involved in making this investigation possible.


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