The Saba Islander

by Will Johnson

Good News From Home

“Good news from home, good news for me

Has come across the deep blue sea

From friends that I have left in tears

And since we parted long ago

My life has been a scene of woe

But now a joyful hour has come

For I have heard good news from home.


Good news from home, good news from home

Has come across the deep blue sea.

From friends that I have left in tears

From friends I have not seen for years.


No father near to guide me now

No mother near to sooth my brow

No sisters voice falls on mine ear

Nor brother’s smile to give me cheer

But though I wander far away

My heart is full of joy today

New friends across the ocean foam

Have sent to me good news from home

When shall I see that cottage door

Where I’ve spent years of joy before.


T’was then I knew no grief or care

My heart was always happy there

Though I may never see it more

Nor stand upon my native shore

Wherever on earth I am doomed to roam

My heart will be with those at home.

                 Ethel Holm

* Tune: “Barney take me Home again.”

Ethel Holm was born on Saba at Windwardside September 4th, 1901. Daughter of George William Christian Holm and Eldarena Hassell. She was a sister of Captains. Irvin and Ralph Holm. 



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