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Peter off to New Zealand

Many of our young people are doing well. My son Peter Charles Albert Johnson who already has a degree in engineering (electrical) is now busy with his Masters in mechanical engineering. Peter has been officially selected as a scholarship recipient to do research from June through August, 2013 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His research while there will pertain to:
1. Inverse computer modeling of Geothermal Power Plants and production reservoirs for use in electrical generation.
I had plans for him, like continuing painting the house from last summer, clearing some land for me to farm and so on, but whereas I would have had to pay him, this great opportunity is for free. There are a number of others from Saba who are doing well in their studies abroad. I would appreciate if they can mention what they are studying so that our people can be proud of them as I am. I went to the University of Hard Knocks and even if I should say so myself on my own I have acquired a half bit of intelligence, which because of my constant reading, I burden you the readers with. I enjoy seeing how our young people can do well when they put their mind to it.

Saba Winners of the “Oranje Fonds Kroonappels”


The Oranje Fonds supports social initiatives in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, by funding money, sharing knowledge and contacts.

The Prince of Orange Willem Alexander, and Princess Máxima are very active in this initiative and have been the patron and patroness of the fund from the very beginning. Besides the annual presentation of the ‘Appeltjes van Oranje’, they regularly visit noteworthy initiatives that are supported by the fund. Their last visit to Saba was in November 2010.

We recently received the following communication:

Geachte heer Will Johnson,

Na een spannend stemweekend is bekend welke organisaties doorgaan naar de volgende ronde van de zoektocht naar de Oranje Fonds Kroonappels. Wij hebben deze organisaties inmiddels op de hoogte gebracht, maar we kunnen ons voorstellen dat u ook benieuwd bent!

De winnaars in Saba zijn:

Saba After School Care Program van Saba Girls and Boys Sports Society info
The Organoponics Farm van Foundation Social Workplace Saba info
Helpende hand
In deze categorie zijn geen voordrachten geweest.

Er volgen nu twee stemrondes waarbij winnende organisaties en deskundigen hun stem uitbrengen. Uiteindelijk zijn er drie winnaars, zij worden op 18 april bekend gemaakt. De winnaars ontvangen uit handen van de nieuwe Koning en Koningin een Appeltje van Oranje én een geldbedrag van €50.000,=.

We willen u hartelijk danken voor uw deelname aan onze zoektocht naar de Oranje Fonds Kroonappels. Door uw kennis en voorkeur kunnen we ons beschermpaar de weg wijzen naar de mooiste, beste en succesvolste sociale initiatieven in het Koninkrijk!

Helpt u het Oranje Fonds om sociale initiatieven in het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden te ondersteunen? Hierdoor is er minder eenzaamheid en voelen meer mensen zich hier thuis. Word Vriend van het Oranje Fonds. Elke gift besteden we voor 100% aan onze doelstelling. Alvast veel dank voor uw steun!

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Ronald van der Giessen
directeur Oranje Fonds

Oranje Fonds (SM)

Governor Moses Leverock

Governor Moses Leverock

Governor Moses Leverock was married twice. His first wife was Ann Rebecca Beaks (daughter of his predecessor Governor Edward Beaks), by whom he had three children.They were: Marion. b. 14 December 1852, William Donald born 21st November 1854 and Ann Gossling born 2 May 1857. Only one child, his daughter Marion, got married and her husband was Algernon Hassell, of The Bottom, the town later renamed after her father. When he first wife died (January 2nd, 1858) he later took as his second wife Mary Ann Winfield by whom he had three daughters. Two of these daughters married to the Vanterpool brothers: Capt. Thomas Charles and Capt. Ernest Hugh Toland Vanterpool. Lena Lampe-Vanterpool (born Saba 1893 died Curacao 1940), daughter of Thomas Charles was married to W.F.M. Lampe of Aruba, who was later the Minister Plenipotentiary to Holland from the Netherlands Antilles. Governor Moses Leverock only had one brother Will Leverock who was the father of the Anglican Priest John W. Leverock.

His female siblings were Anne (married to Peter Gossling Simmons), Joanna (married to James Hassell), Mariana (married to James Hassell) and Eliza (married to John Michael Dinzey Simmons).


by Marjorie Hassell nee Johnson
March, 2013

When Hassells came to Saba
In 1672
They settled in a crater
What a funny thing to do!

They fished and farmed,
And fired some guns
At the pirates lurking by
For it wasn’t all that peaceful
‘Neath the Carribean sky.

The Johnsons came to Saba
From the Shetlands far away,
They met the Hassells fishing
And asked if they could stay?
So the Hassells married Johnsons
And so it is today.
But now they have an Airstrip
To take them on their way.

They still fear deep sea rumbles
From “The Bottom” to the Top
But hope still springs Eternal
To ward them from the shock
Many years beyond Columbus
Still it was an early start
To find a new Horizon
And play a bigger part
In the world of the Americas
And later our South Land
Isn’t it exciting, to find
In this, we’ve had a hand?

Marjorie Hassell nee Johnson
March, 2013

Our Masthead

Our motto is “Cuique Suum” (To each his own). This is intended to give further accent to the fact that Saba people are still capable of defending their own interests. The Masthead is showing off the firepower of our determination to defend at all costs the interests of the native Saban people from unfair attacks from abroad and internal divisions based on one sided information. Any suggestions as to how the site can be improved will be highly appreciated.

We will carry articles on history, sayings of wise men and women of the past, and comments on international news which may affect us and explain why much of the main stream media is biased and mostly used to brainwash simple minded people into believing that greed and war are actually good for mankind.

For now we will share with you the following:

” Live with those from whom you can learn; let friendly intercourse be a school of knowledge, and social contact, school for culture; to make teachers of your friends is to join the need of learning to the joy of converse. Happiness among the understanding is mutual, rewarded for what they say by the approval they receive; and for what they hear, by what they learn; it is personal interest usually that draws men together but here it is glorified. A man of understanding seeks out the houses of those true noblemen which are more the stages of an heroic than the palaces of vanity. There exist men in this world, known to the discerning, who in their bearing are veritable examples of every greatness and whose train, even, constitutes a courtly academy of art and learning.”
Baltasar Gracian

The Position of Lt. Governor

I understand that there are all sorts of people already soliciting for the position of Lt. Governor even though the position is not yet up for grabs.

The position of Lt. Governor should be exclusively held by Sabans, of Saban descent. No ifs and buts about it. Since the early years in the 1600’s and 1700’s nearly all of Saba’s commanders were Sabans, from John Hassell, to Charles Simmons, Edward Beaks and his son, Richard Johnson (my great-great-grandfather), Moses Leverock, Henry Every, Wycliffe Smith, Sydney Sorton and many more have occupied that position. It is the essence of our autonomy and pride as a self governing people.

This has nothing to do with any person occupying the position, it has to do with a philosophy as to who should qualify for that position. It should be clear that if you have no Saban heritage there is no need to even apply. I think that the Dutch Government as the COLONIAL authority should make it clear that it is their policy to reserve that position for qualified Sabans and Sabans only.

I see there are those who try to defame our local authorities. Do not be fooled by that. It is a strategy to defame our locals holding office and to have these positions go to colonial new settlers from outside the island. As a once self governing and proud people we should not fall for those tactics. It is not in our interest that they are here trying to defame our locals holding office. These know-it-alls were failures back where they came from and in some cases imposed on us, and in some cases some of our locals with no qualifications other than envy and to criticize from sun up to sundown and never a word of praise, think that they might be better off destroying our very own local authorities. We should never allow that.

I saw a post where Dave Levenstone brought up this subject on Facebook. He rightfully said more or less what is being written here. Every right thinking Saban should defend their own against anyone coming in from the outside and thinking they can be Saba’s Governor just like that. I say NO and again NO to that. The position of Lt. Governor should and must be reserved for Sabans with a heritage and history from this island. CIAO.


De Profundis

From 1968 to 1993, Saba people had their own newspaper. Owned and edited by me and others, not subsidized by anyone outside of the owners, never made a profit, was controversial and political as well. I as Editor being a lifelong politician with my own political party the W.I.P.M ( Windward Islands People’s Movement) of course defended my party and its policies. When there were no elections going on the Saba Herald interviewed many older persons who had led interesting lives and today we can look back with pride on the contents of those old Saba Herald’s. They led to our book “Tales From My Grandmother’s Pipe” being published for the first time in 1979 which was recently published in its fifth edition.

De Profundis in English means “Out of the Deep”, a cry of despair. A cry for our people who have disappeared mostly since 1968 and have now largely been displaced by new immigrants. Many of these people have married Sabans and have produced young people we can be proud of. We want to encourage those young people. We see discouragement from all sides based on envy (the crab in a barrel syndrome), based on greed, based on ignorance. It is amazing that under those circumstances there are still educated young people willing to serve this community.

Added to our own local tendency to beat up and destroy our own, added to that we have some Dutch people coming in from Holland, starting their own newspaper probably subsidized by the Dutch secret service as well, and who are constantly ridiculing Sabans and trying to break down the local Saban government. We intend to expose these people and challenge them as time goes by. However we also want to accentuate the positive of our history as a small West Indian people, the achievements of our people now and in the past, and we invite our educated young people to come forward with POSITIVE ideas and suggestions as to how we can best help and protect each other. We invite the Saban business owners to stop breaking down our own Saban Government and to ask themselves as to how their businesses will do better when our own people are replaced even on our Island Council by new Dutch know-it-all settlers. This paper rising out of the deep as the Phoenix from its ashes will not be against anyone in particular nor any group of people. It is intended in a different way to replace the Saba Herald and to be a voice for those who cannot defend themselves and who are entitled to another opinion other than what is being dished out on Facebook and in the so called “Saba Newspaper”. Where it is necessary to be the shield for the Saba Islanders we will be that shield, and where it is necessary to be the sword we at the Saba Islander will use that sword. We are not alone, and as Pope John Paul II said “Be not afraid.” We say to you times have changed, circumstances have placed us in a more modern world. We must keep adapting to that changed world and use the new technology to our advantage. Therefore we are using this new technology to defend those of us left on Saba who are willing to dedicate themselves to serving the island. We promise not to be hard on those of good will, but we will take to task those whose agenda is envy or greed and those of good fortune who do not contribute either to religion or community but who parasite on others with ridiculously high prices, and are always tearing down those who want to serve and to better their community. As time permits we will try and build up this site to one which the native people of Saba can be proud of and support. Stay tuned as we come to you out of the depths of despair to try and defend your best interests, and that includes those who have settled here out of good will and with intentions to help us and who are not here only to make money and divide us. AMEN.

The Goats of Saba

The Dutch settler wants to have a policy on Saba like in South Africa where it is one settler one bullet. He is advocating one goat one bullet and laying the blame on the politicians. Saba people have their own history and goats have been and will continue to be a part of that history. When a hurricane passes and I see a goat I see food. If the Dutchman don’t like goats then obviously he is in the wrong place, and should he leave MANY MANY people will be saying GOOD RIDDANCE!! More people should be keeping goats and not less.

The Boer goat was developed in South Africa in...

The Boer goat was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. Their name is derived from the Dutch word “Boer” meaning farmer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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